Youth Nation is an organization that is on a mission to make a Drug Free Nation. It aims to make every youth and kids aware of the aftereffects of Drugs and how to stay alert in these testing times.

I have always been in deep and close connection with the youth and noticed that today’s youth community is getting trapped in the world of drugs due to peer pressure, family problems, or sometimes without any reason at all.

By the time I had decided to help them get out of their misery they were in so deep illusion of consuming drugs that I felt helpless. But, I did not give up and rather was willing to do something about people who were trapped in this vicious cycle of remission. That is how I came up with an idea of forming an organization which would carry the message of Anti Drug and a life full of zest. The annual Road Show or Carnival on DRUG AWARENESS is the catalyst organization’s mission statement. My vision is to spread awareness about the horrors of drug intake and withdrawal.

Join me on this journey to create a DRUG-FREE NATION.