While on one hand when the United Nation stands for the eradication of poverty, to foster worldwide cooperation in solving economic, social, cultural and humanitarian problems in the world. Youth Nation stands for the eradication of menaces like drugs, trafficking, empowering the youth in a comprehensive, coordinated multi-sectoral manner, by creating an enabling environment and marshaling the resources necessary for undertaking programs to fully develop the youth’s unraveling their mental, moral, social,
political, cultural and physical potential.
Youth Nation is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) started in 2014.
INDIA, home to around 130 billion people, is a connoisseur of diverse cultures,
communities, people, food and religions. A country where the language and food habits of the people change every few kilometers a nation with the best of brains to compete with the best of nations, be it in IT, Space Science, Sports, Fashion, Film Industry or Business. A Country, which evokes millions of emotions together when an Indian Rocket is about to go up or when the last ball of a cricket match requires 5 runs while Indians are batting. That’s my incredible India. Our incredible India. On the other hand, there are several aspects which, if worked upon can fill in small patches as there is always a scope for the betterment of an affluent society. Narcotic drugs and trafficking of small children, Child Labour are a few of them. Eradicating these social menaces can make a better place for the future generations of Indians to live in. This Emotion string was born with YouthNation


To act as a catalyst for the society by reaching out to needy people, fulfilling their needs
in the best of the way, through required resources, knowledge, and empowerment.


Youth Nation is unswerving about making India a better place to live by inspiring the
youth to contribute towards changing the attitude of the coming generation as well as the existing generation through required action and awareness.